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I knew how strongly I felt about being a part of the Giving is Awesome portrait giveaway, but I had no idea how hard it would be to read the nominations and choose one as the winner. No idea. There are so many deserving families, all with different and equally touching stories. But I've done it. I have chosen one family as the winner. However, I couldn't just leave the other families without anything, so I have decided to offer a portrait session to each of the nominated families. I'll send each of you an email on Friday with more details. (Yes, I have procrastinated until now the gift wrapping, so tonight's a late one, and tomorrow, well, a bit of a family day with Christmas).

So... the winner is...

An incredible single mom of four and homebirth midwife. She works incredibly long and unpredictable hours as a midwife to provide for her family, and on top of that holds a retail job as well. From the nomination - "She's extremely good at her job (both jobs, really), and without her, many Minnesota families would have been unable to find caring, non-judgmental, top-notch homebirth care. She's touched so many lives in such wonderful ways!... She's been such a generous and caring friend, both to me and to so many people in our community. She's engaged with her kids and she's engaged with her community, and I know she would absolutely cherish real, professional photographs of her with her children - especially your work, which I know she loves!  It's something they've NEVER done and realistically, will never get a chance to do without the generosity of someone like you."

I am so grateful to be able to provide the gift of photography to this deserving family. Thank you so much [N] for the nomination. And of course, you get a session too!

Happy holidays, all!