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So for the past four nights, Elliott has been waking up in the middle of the night. Now, for a 17 month old toddler, that shouldn't be any great surprise. But it's the timing that is spectacular. And strangely disturbing. If you know anything about me, you'll know that I am a night owl. I'm almost never in bed before midnight, and rarely asleep before 1am. Which is not exactly ideal when I have to get up and get the kids out the door for school. But late night is my primary *me* time, as many parents can relate to. It's hard to give it up for something so monotonous as sleeping. Maybe you're wondering about this psychic thing. You got pulled in from the exciting subject line, and I haven't delivered yet. Well hang in there, it's coming. So I've established that I'm not an early-to-bed type person. But I go to bed at pretty irregular times, albeit most of them are after midnight. And like many people suffering from mild insomnia, I tend to lie in bed at night for some length of time, listening to the snores of my husband, the occasional sleep-talking of my oldest son, and the creaks and various noises of our 1923 house. So just as I start to fall asleep, start feeling my mind drift off, for the past four days, Elliott has woken up. And of course he doesn't just wake up and blow me a kiss from his crib, he wakes up crying. And wanting water. And maybe a cuddle, and his blanket. Now all of these things I am so willing to oblige him on during normal waking hours - more than happy to offer him a cuddle and a sippy cup. But at 2:14 am, when I am finally starting to drift off, and have to get up in 5 hours? Not so much. And how is he able to consistently wake up *only* at my first doze - at different times every night? He's done this at other stages during his life as well, not just the past four days. This is a remarkable talent, which he is doing his best to perfect. I'm so not down with it.

Anybody else have experiences like this? Any other paranormal babies out there?

Here's the little man...