email and coffee :: minneapolis lifestyle photographer

So this morning I realized that my email had been down for some time... Not sure exactly how long, maybe a day? Not much more than that. I wondered why it had seemed so quiet here... Drat, this technology. Well it's back up now, so if you tried to send me something in the past couple days and never heard back from me, then please resend your email. Sorry 'bout that. And on to something fun...

I found a new coffee. Picking up some groceries this morning, I found this on the shelf: (And please excuse my crappy product photography, and the warped, twisty bag. It's half-full, and just would *not* stand up straight...)


The sticker on the top reads: "French Roast: This one's dark, rich and sassy - with a jolt of smoke and spice." Right up my alley. And upon tasting the coffee, I would have to agree. Actually sounds like an apt description of my daughter, right down to the spice. I'm a bit of a coffee snob, with a nice strong French Roast at the top of my list. This one rated excellent.

AND, it's local. All their coffee is roasted and packaged right here in Minneapolis. How awesome is that. I'm all about supporting local businesses. CityKid Java puts 100% of their profits into programs that help at-risk kids in the Twin Cities.

AND, they support sustainable practices, and always pay more than fair trade prices for their beans. Here's more info on their True Trade principles.

Just to let you know, I'm not at all affiliated with CityKid Java, just want to pass on an awesome local product I found.

Thanks, and happy Friday.