at the beach :: minneapolis children's photographer

These two sessions were a blast. I mean, truly.

Reason number 4,278 why I love my job: I got to hang out with my two awesome friends from college (who happen to be twin sisters), and their gorgeous families, on the beach on a spectacular summer evening with absolutely perfect light. Did I mention I love my job?

My two friends hail from Minnesota, but have since moved out to California. As if California had nicer weather. Come on guys, you know you want to move back here. Minnesota winters? What's not to love.

So, sadly I only get to see them once a year when they come back to visit. This time we picked Afton State Park for the photos. It was just divine. Thanks for the suggestion, Liz!

We even got the grandparents in for a few extended family shots at the end. Fantastic seeing you all - thanks so much!!!

I'll post more photos tomorrow - here's a little tease!

Love this first one - hello Karate Kid!!! Such a fun family photo... 090703_schaffer_007 090703_drake_027


such a flirt... 090703_drake_021

PIGGIES!!! 090703_drake_012

Oh, the mischief-maker... that look is priceless!!! 090703_schaffer_029

Until tomorrow!!!