ripple effect :: minnesota children's portraits

Last winter, I put out a call to nominate a deserving family, as part of the "Giving Is Awesome" program. Please read my blog post here for some background on the program. Last weekend I finally was able to get together with the winning family and have a session. It was well worth the wait. I love love love that she let each of the kids pick their own clothes, and that they came in sets of two: two sleeveless blues and two pink tees, and everybody in jeans. So cute. Vanessa is nothing short of incredible. She's a single mom of four, and is a homebirth midwife. For anybody who knows me personally, you know that I am a huge supporter of homebirths. All three of my kids were born at home, and we were blessed with amazingly peaceful, joyful waterbirths.

It makes me so happy to offer this gift to this family. Vanessa told me at the end of the session that she was inspired by this gift to do something like it with her own business. She owns a waterbirth tub rental service for the Twin Cities, and recently donated two tub rentals to families who wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise. What an amazing gift. I love how one simple act of kindness has such a ripple effect throughout the community. Bless you, Vanessa.