happy birthday, my little one. :: minneapolis baby photographer

My baby is two. Two. How did that happen? I know, every parent asks themselves that very same question. Time seems to move at hyper-speed once you have little ones in your life. All those days filled with wiping faces, wiping noses, changing diapers, picking up messes, sweeping up thrown food, and then BAM. You turn around and your kids are turning into actual people. With their own opinions and ideas about how things should work.

My little man just turned two on Halloween. I took him out for some photos today in the gorgeous sunlight. Not something we've had a ton of this fall. So here is the littlest love of my life. Sweet boy.

So what do you think? Cut the hair? Let his curls grow? I just can't bear to let them go, but then they're all over his face, in his food, blocking his vision, and then there's the issue of everybody calling him a girl. Does he really look girly? Seriously?

My little man. Into all things vehicular. Cement trucks being at the top of the list, and garbage trucks. Loves to sing - he'll often wake up singing "the wheels on the bus" song in his crib. Knows all his ABCs. The whole song, most of the letters by sight. Appropriately uses the word "actually" in complete sentences. Remembers the names of all of the kids I take photos of from seeing me edit their photos on my "compinder" [that would be computer, for the non-toddler literate]. Is heavily addicted to his "blankie and nukie". Loves the color orange, just like his mama. Wants to be just like his big brother and sister.

Happy birthday, little one. You are my sunshine.