project 52 :: week one

One of my personal projects for 2010 is to do more photography for myself. Get back to what inspired me in the first place. And capture more photos of the everyday happenings of my family and my life. I made a casual post on my facebook page about considering Project 365, which is the simple idea of taking a photo every day for a year. Well, this facebook "conversation" evolved and several of my photographer friends determined that Project 52 is probably more realistic given our busy family and work lives - one photo a week. I'm so excited to be doing this together with some great friends, all of whom I met last year at a workshop. We're planning on even taking it so far as specific weekly challenges which will push us creatively. I'll be posting the photos each week here on my blog and on my facebook business page (where, by the way, you should come be a fan!). Here's my first week's photo. It's been incredibly cold here in Minnesota for the past few weeks, and the windows in my house have grown some pretty spectacular frost crystals. Fortunately/unfortunately, it warmed up today - a balmy 18 degrees right now - and all of the frost has melted. I'm glad I captured it when I did.

I'll post my settings on these photos as well for any of you who are interested. If you have any questions about how I shot these photos, I'm happy to talk about them! Leave a comment on my blog with any questions and I'll try my best to answer.

I shot this with my 100mm macro lens, on manual mode and using manual focus.

ISO 400 f/2.8 1/3200