project 52 :: week 2

So today is another dreary, messy winter day in Minnesota. I missed getting outside to shoot the early morning frost on all the trees - we had a couple of really gorgeous mornings this week. Our crabapple tree looked so beautiful, the frost coating all the remaining red apples. But I missed my chances, so I'm left with an overcast day, inside while Elliott naps. I shot this in our newly painted hallway. It gets very little light, so I wanted to go bright with the color. I love how it turned out - a fun apple green. I installed some white coatracks, down low for the kids, and up high for the big folks. This has been one of our favorite robots through the years, and here he stands on the kids coatrack.

I really upped the ISO since it was so dark, so it's a bit grainy. I used my 100mm macro again, and opened it as wide as it would go. No overhead lights, no flash, just shot it using the window light that came in through the bathroom.

Happy Friday!

ISO 5000 f/2.8 1/200