project 52 :: week 3

Week three of our Project 52 is our first themed week, so we had a specific challenge. This week's challenge is to shoot without looking through the camera, or "shoot from the hip". While I can see how this will be useful with many kids, and can give some very unexpected, exciting shots, it's something I would definitely want more practice with! Lots of blurry frames, subjectless shots, and very unpredictable results. I tried outside one day last week when Oliver was outside sledding with his friends, but really wasn’t happy with the shots. Very out of focus, lots of empty frames. I tried again this morning and got some cute captures of Elliott in the kitchen. He was helping Michael make pancakes, or “pink-pinks” as Elliott says, and drinking frothy warm milk out of my favorite childhood gnome cup. I'm posting two photos - love these two together as a series.

Bedhead. Blueberry-stained cheeks. Milk moustache. Footie pjs. That's my little man.

ISO 800 f/1.4 1/125