project 52 :: week 4

Whoops. Life happened last week, and I got a little behind with my Project 52. So sorry.

I'm sure you all were on pins and needles.  All three of you who read my blog, that is. :)

Our theme this week for Project 52 is Details. This is one little detail I really wish I could just bottle up and keep forever. Of all three of my kids, Elliott is the first to use a pacifier (his "nookie") and really be attached to his blanket. He's not one of those kids who has to take his blankie everywhere he goes (we've made sure of that), so it rarely leaves the house. But, when he's home, his blanket is his constant companion, trailing behind him wherever he goes.

When he gets tired, nookie goes in, blankie gets cuddled, and his fingers go right for the satin edges. Here he is, right before lunch, after running around at open gym for 2 hours this morning. Tired bear.

ISO 1600 f/1.6 1/1000

Edited to add: I had just shot a bunch of photos in a much darker room, and needed to bump the ISO way up to 1600, and it was still just too dark. So I picked up Elliott and went to the other side of the house where it was brighter (although still very overcast and dismal, so not a ton of good light). Of course when I went over there, I forgot to change my ISO back down for the first few shots, and just my luck, my favorite shot was one of these first ones, with the high ISO and the fast shutter. My bad.

So the settings I ended up with after I changed them are: ISO 400, f/1.6, 1/400. But this is still my favorite shot, so this is what you get. And I have to say, there's hardly any grain there despite the high ISO - love my new Mark II!