beyond cheese: how to take better photos of your kids: tip 3

My final tip in my series of how to take better photos of your kids! This week's tip: Get down to your child's level.

You'll feel much more that you're interacting with them in the photo, rather than towering from above. Sit down on the ground with them. Play. Tell them jokes. Sing a song. See the world from their point of view.

And here's one I took while playing on the floor with my little guy and our abundantly patient cat.Minneapolis lifestyle portraits

Yes, he has purple slippers. Yes, they used to be his sister's. Classy, huh.

Hope to see you at my WiseMamas discussion this Thursday June 10, 2010 at Health Foundations Family Health and Birth Center! This event will include an informal presentation on how to take better photos, a question and answer session, and a goodie bag for each registered attendee! Please visit the Wise Mamas facebook event page to RSVP and reserve your goodie bag!