fairy wings and handmade things :: week one

For Christmas last year, many of Bea's gifts revolved around the theme of sewing. She got a sewing kit, a basket of fabric, and a number of sewing books. One of my favorite books is this one: Sewing for Children. When I gave it to Bea, I had these high ambitions of doing project after project together, spending our Saturday afternoons sewing, and bonding over pincushions and cute buttons. Well, like so many of my good intentions, we just never found the time to sit down and do any projects. So after watching Julie & Julia I got just the inspiration I needed. I would blog my way through the book, making each of the little projects with Beatrice. She was over the moon about it and of course wanted to get started right away. Here's our first project, "Felt Cupcakes." Looks a bit more like a felt pancake, but let's not tell her that. It's all hers. I helped along the way, but mostly with rethreading the needle when she made a mistake. That embroidery floss going rogue and all. Oh, and you might notice that she's wearing two completely different outfits for the project. One more evidence of our less-than-perfect lives - it took a couple days to complete this one project, with other general life stuff getting in the way of our girl time. You know, like, dinner.