india :: our indian cooking lesson

One afternoon a few volunteers spent some time with our cook, and she showed us how to make a couple of our favorite dishes - a peanut coconut curry sauce, and curried cauliflower. Can't wait to try these at home, but I must admit I'm loving the break from spicy foods! The peanut curry dish...

Start with unroasted peanuts, skins on. Roast the peanuts until they start to turn dark brown.

When the peanuts have cooled, remove the skins by rubbing them in your hand and shaking off the loose skins. She said we could just start with no skins and skip this step.

Add these ingredients to the peanuts in the blender: chopped coconut, cilantro, 3 chili peppers (also roasted until they start to turn dark brown, more if you want it spicier), curry leaves, dried tamarind fruit, enough water to make saucy.

Of course, no measurements on any of these, they just go by taste/experience...

Saute mustard seeds & fresh curry leaves in oil (they used sunflower oil) for 1 minute, add peanut sauce from blender. Add salt & water to taste. Delish!

And the curried cauliflower dish...

Parboil the cauliflower.

Chop coconut meat to small pieces. Peel garlic & ginger. Add water.

Add fennel seeds.

Add cloves.

Add cinnamon. They used cinnamon curls, right from the stick. So aromatic.

Chop 3 tomatoes.

Blend all ingredients except cauliflower, adding water as needed.

Saute onions, mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Add blended ingredients.

Add 2 huge spoons of curry powder.

Add 1 small spoon turmeric and salt to taste. Add small amount of tamarind juice (soak tamarind fruit in water).

Simmer all ingredients including cauliflower until soft.

And... I'm a complete dork. I didn't get a photo of the completed dish.

total. complete. dork.