india :: days six and seven

By day six I had started settling into a routine, and the teaching got easier. The 4 year olds stayed in their seats, enjoyed their lessons and started working their way into my hearts. The 5 year olds loved doing shape and color flash cards, and we quickly fell into a rhythm for class: conversation, flash card games, and drawing. Yes, it's true that kids all over the world love a good set of crayons and coloring sheets.

In the streets of Chennai, dogs run wild, along with cows, chickens and the occasional goat. Most of them are very thin, and spend their time either sleeping or rummaging through the trash scattered over the streets, looking for scraps. Kristen befriended one little puppy near our guesthouse and dubbed him "Flipper" - he had a gash on one of his little paws, and flipped it when he walked. Daily walks to pet Flipper and his momma became giggle-inducing bright spots in our afternoons.


And more from the streets of Chennai, both day and night.

Chennai India letter box woman balancing load on head

Chennai India shopping at night

The road construction in our neighborhood...

Everywhere we went, we were met with stares, giggles, and shouts of "Hello! What's your name? How are you?" Many times we were asked if we would pose for a photo with them. These two schoolboys here asked me for my autograph... just random kids on the street, feeling giddy about the color of my skin. Such warm, friendly people here in India.