thanks to you... we won!

Best Family Photographer Minneapolis/St. PaulI am so thrilled to share that Gwendolyn Waite Photography has been awarded Best Family Photographer in Minneapolis/St. Paul by Nickelodeon's ParentConnect website. Thanks to each of you who voted for me in the Parents' Picks 2010 Awards - I couldn't have done it without all of your love and support. There are so many other incredibly talented photographers in the Twin Cities, and I'm absolutely honored to be given this award. I just found out last Friday - what a fabulous way it was to start out my birthday weekend! My husband thought I should use "I won" rather than "we won" in my title, but I really feel like I have a whole village behind my business, and I know I couldn't have made it this far without all the support. All of my thanks goes out to...

My parents, for being absolutely incredible - watching the kids when I need to meet clients, cheering me on, giving me business advice, and just being present and active in my life.

My husband, who has done *all* of my branding and design, been my Photoshop go-to guy, has regularly rushed home from work early to assume dad duty for my evening sessions (and thanks to his work with putting up with his early departures!), and has provided me with support and encouragement all along the way.

My three kids, for inspiring this entire journey into photography, being such willing models, and so understanding (well, mostly!) when mom has to work.

My photography peeps (you know who you are!) who are there when I need advice, inspiration, or just someone who really understands. 24/7.

My friends, family and neighbors, who have been so patient as I build my business and am less available to hang out. Or sometimes not available at all. Thanks for sticking by my side.

All of my faithful facebook fans and blog readers. You guys rock my world.

And my business would be nothing without my amazing clients. Seriously. I have the best clients in the world.

I feel that all of you are a huge part of my business, and this win is for you too. Thank you for everything.