beyond cheese: how to take better photos of your kids: tip 2

This is my second post in a series about how to take better photos of your kids. This week's tip: Find that gorgeous light outdoors!

So now that you're turning off your flash (see last week's post!) you'll want to start looking for beautiful sources of light.

Some basic guidelines:

- Avoid direct sun, especially midday - If you're in full sun, look for open shade - If there's no shade, face away from the sun to avoid squinting children and harsh shadows - The best time of day for beautiful outdoor light is early morning or late afternoon/evening (1-2 hours before sunset)

We'll go much deeper into finding the light in my WiseMamas discussion on Thursday June 10, 2010 at Health Foundations Family Health and Birth Center. This event will include an informal presentation on how to take better photos, a question and answer session, and a goodie bag for each registered attendee! Please visit the Wise Mamas facebook event page to RSVP and reserve your goodie bag! And as long as you're heading over to facebook, go ahead and "like" my photography page as well!

This photo is a great example of all four of the techniques listed above:

It was taken late in the afternoon when the sun was very low in the sky. The subject is facing away from the sun, in a somewhat shaded area. There's just nothing like dappled sunlight streaming through low branches to create such gorgeous texture in a photo.

Minneapolis senior photographer