How many people can participate in a session?
Sessions include up to four (4) people. Each additional person is $25. Gwendolyn specializes in working with children one-on-one and is most creative when parents step back and allow children to just be themselves. Parents are asked to please refrain from coaxing or instructing children to pose or smile, and may be sent away during the session to enjoy some quiet time while Gwendolyn works with your kids.

How long will my session last?
Sessions last anywhere from one to two hours. Gwendolyn allows plenty of time for snacks, breaks, and playing around. Newborn sessions can take longer, usually 3-4 four hours.

Where should we have our session?
Gwendolyn works exclusively on location, using only available, natural light. The location you choose should reflect your style as a family, and be full of texture, light, and character. Gwendolyn loves having sessions in places that are particularly special to your family.

Some ideas for locations include:
- your home
- my studio
- a neighborhood park or playground
- an urban city area
- a historical home
- a farm
- a state park

Some locations do require advance notification or grounds fees. Clients are responsible for all grounds fees, for the entire group, including Gwendolyn.

How should we prepare for a session at our house?
In many cases, we will shoot outside where the natural light is best. Please remember that your home (both inside and out) is your personal “backdrop.” Your house doesn’t have to be q-tip clean, though it’s best to minimize clutter and unattractive items as much as possible. Don’t be surprised if Gwendolyn asks to rearrange furniture a bit to work with the available light.

What should we bring to our session (or have available at home)?
Hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, outerwear, rain gear, fresh flowers, a favorite stuffed animal, lovey, classic toys, and accessories are fun! Incorporate anything that soothes and makes your child happy. Feel free to bring activities such as a coloring book and crayons in case they need a break. Play your child’s favorite music CD and with any luck, we’ll get them singing and dancing around. It’s a good idea to have a small snack on hand such as dried cereal, cookies, or crackers, but avoid foods that can be messy. Be sure to bring clean wipes, and tissues for little messes. And bring along several outfits (see what to wear section above).

What should we leave out?
As tempting as it may be, please refrain from inviting friends, grandparents, siblings, nannies, or anyone not scheduled to take part in our shoot. The session includes up to 4 people. Any other participants (no matter how brief) will be charged an additional $25. Gwendolyn must insist that no cameras other than her own be used during any part of a session. She will kindly ask parents to put away cameras if they are brought out.

How can I best get my child to cooperate and smile?
Parents attending sessions are kindly asked to step back a bit and let Gwendolyn work with the children. Though it may be natural to wish your child to smile for the photographs, please refrain from instructing your child to perform, pose, or smile for the camera. Gwendolyn may ask parents to step aside, duck around a corner, or linger in the background while working with a child. Frequently, when children sense less pressure from parents (as well-meaning as they may be), children will open up and cooperate more readily.

What if my child is uncooperative / cranky the whole session? Can we reshoot?
While this is a very common fear, this rarely happens. With a few breaks and snacks, almost every child cooperates enough to capture beautiful shots. However, Gwendolyn understands that children offer no guarantees. Happy for you, Gwendolyn does offer a guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the photo shoot experience, Gwendolyn’s reshoot policy is as follows: clients may reshoot one time and will be scheduled based on availability. The same travel fee applies, if applicable. Photos from the first session are NOT available for purchase. Purchase of any image from the first session implies satisfaction. Cients must wear the same outfits as during the initial shoot and the reshoot must take place in the same location. No additional people may join the reshoot.

What if my child is sick or has a large rash on his / her face?
Please reschedule! Gwendolyn has three children of her own and appreciates it when clients let her know about any illnesses. If your child has a small discrete scratch or bruise, there is no need to reschedule. If your child has a larger, generalized rash, major bruise or blemish, it’s best to reschedule.

How many images will I see from my session?
Expect to view about 30-35 edited proofs.

Does Gwendolyn Waite Photography offer discounts or specials?
To be fair to all clients, rates are non-negotiable. Gwendolyn Waite Photography does have a referral program, so if you refer a friend who ends up booking a session, you’ll receive a $50 print credit to use for a future session order, and your friend will receive a free 8×10 from their session. Referral credit may not be used to pay for session fees. There’s no limit to how many credits you can accumulate, so if you’re happy with my work, please spread the word! Occasionally, Gwendolyn offers free shoots to test a new concept or create a specific marketing piece. Models are not paid, but receive a print package of their images. Contact Gwendolyn to be considered for a concept shoot.

Is there a minimum order?
Yes. In order for Gwendolyn to maintain a high level of customer service to all her clients, there is a minimum order of $300.

Will my image files be archived?
Gwendolyn Waite Photography will archive your purchased images for one year.  Images that are not ordered are purged twice monthly in order to make room for new clients. A $75 fee applies to each order placed after the ordering meeting, and prints are subject to current pricing.

How do we design an album?
Don’t worry, Gwendolyn will guide you through the design process, using a web-based client preview page to communicate drafts and changes. You will be allowed two rounds of edits, so it’s best to offer thoughts and direction during the design process. Any further edits will be performed at $50 / edit.

Does Gwendolyn travel for sessions?
Gwendolyn is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and travels nationwide on a commissioned basis. Please contact her directly regarding her travel schedule. Any sessions booked outside 50 miles of Minneapolis will be subjected to a travel fee.

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