what to wear

Color, contrast and texture make for really fun contemporary photos, and are highly encouraged! Bright colors, plaids, polka dots, accessories – all of these add personality to your portraits. Most importantly, your children should be comfortable, and wearing something that reflects their personality.

Things to avoid?
Anything uncomfortable or too formal. Matchy matchy.

If you have siblings, or your entire family will be photographed, try to stay away from “matching” outfits. The best way to approach clothing selection is to choose the outfit for one of your children, then build everybody elses outfits around this one. Complementary colors, patterns and style create a beautiful coordinated look for your family portraits. Combining patterns is encouraged and makes your portraits fun!

Parents can dress casually – jeans are just fine! Accessories (jewelry, scarves or headbands) can help personalize your look. Dads don’t need to dress up – tshirts or sweaters are great. Button-down dress shirts can look too formal with children – go for something more casual.

Please feel free to call or email if you have specific questions about what to wear – I’m happy to help out!

Here are some of my favorite places to shop for kids clothes…


tea collection
mini boden

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